Ilana Richardson has had many solo shows in England and abroad and has exhibited and published limited edition silkscreen prints with the CCA galleries in London for many years. Currently Ilana publishes her own work independently, but has, for many years published with CCA Galleiries. the Art Group and IKEA. Ilana's work is included in many collections and she has also undertaken a large number of commissions from clients ranging from multinational concerns to private individuals.


S a n  M i g u e l,  M e x i c o


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Ilana Richardson is an internationally known artist, specialising in watercolours and screen Prints, and has had many solo exhibitions displaying her vibrant and evocative paintings.

Ilana's love of the Mediterranean and Mexican landscapes and architecture are her inspiration. Her love of travel has meant that she produced original artwork from Greece, Italy, Sicily, Spain, France, Mexico, Guatemala, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt, Croatia, Israel, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore and the USA.

She chooses the countries that allow her passion for light and colour to be expressed th the full. She is at her best, depicting the interplay of light and shadows, and favours subjects which contrast lush vegetation with the whitewashed walls of Mediterranean architecture or the vibrant colours of Mexican houses.

"From verdant gardens to formal courtyards, facades and cafes to narrow alleyways or cool bowers dappled with shadows, there is always a great feeling of warmth and light in her work."

Ilana Richardson is a highly skilled painter in Watercolour and Oil, and a top-selling printmaker of Limited Edition Silkscreen and Giclée prints.

Ilana Richardson was born and grew up by the Mediterranean and has studied at art college in Jerusalem and London. She has been living in England since 1974.

Originally pursuing a career in graphic design she had her first exhibition in 1981. The show was an instant success, and since then she has enjoyed an international reputation with exhibitions in England, France, Germany, the USA, Canada and Japan. Her paintings and prints continue to attract a huge following all over the  world.

Ilana’s extraordinary ability to re-create the warmth and colour of the far off places she travels to, make her work irresistible to collectors. The onlookers can feel the heat and are drawn into the light dancing on the wonderfully rich colours.This is what she said of a recent trip to Mexico:

"I have never experienced such intensity of colour as I did in Mexico... I found it wonderfully exciting to discover beautiful Spanish architecture painted boldly in deep oranges, pinks, yellows and blues alongside the brilliant magenta of the bougainvillea and the rich greens of tropical vegetation. Yet, there is also a simple joy in the way even the most modest house or shop is decorated with bright pure colour in all kinds of unexpected and powerful combinations."

"Venice is a love story. Each visit reminds me why I love it so much. Gradually, I wander from painting the magnificent buildings, to painting their reflections, and now sometime, paint only the water. Each time of year, everyhour, and the light is different"

And it is that response to heat, light, colour and shade that is found and reflected in her work.

Original Paintings

The paintings in this website can be found in the gallery section. Most of them are watercolours but there may be an oil painting among them. We update the site regularly with new paintings and may mark sold pictures with red dots before removing them from the site. Of course nothing beats seeing the pictures in real life. If you would like to see the full collection, you can arrange a visit to Ilana's studio.


What is a print? Many are confused by the definition. Here are a few paragraphs, summerising the print methods used by Ilana.

Limited Edition Screen-prints
Limited-edition screen prints are hand-printed in an art print studio. The image is first separated into many colours, which, when printed one on top of the other, will create the complete image. Each layer is printed through a stencil, on a silk, or synthetic fabric mesh, stretched onto a large frame, hence the name screen-print, or silk-screen. A print can have 25 colours or more. The colours achieved in screen-printing are vibrant and saturated, and the image is printed on acid-free art paper, signed and numbered by the artist.

Limited Edition Giclée prints
Giclée (pronounced Jik-Lay) is a modern fine art printing method. An image is digitised and meticulously enhanced to faithfully reproduce the original. It creates vibrant, colour-fast, individually printed, limited edition prints. Printed on acid free watercolour paper, which allows high saturation of colours. This method is now setting the standard in low volume limited editions. The prints are signed and numbered by the artist.

Limited Edition Digital Prints
These are limited-edition prints, made by an innovative, computer-generated digital process, producing excellent quality and colour fastness. They are printed on textured art paper and are signed and numbered by the artist.

Posters and reproductions
Posters and offset-litho prints are high volume open print runs. The prints are of excellent quality but are not as colour-fast as limited edition prints and are not meant to last for many years.

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