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Selected solo shows...

2013 Hop Galley, Chalk Gallery Lewes
Brighton Festival
2008- 2012 Wandsworth Open Houses
Brighton Festival, Hop Gallery Lewes
2007 Royall Fine art, Window Gallery
Wandsworth Open Houses
2006 Royall Fine art
Wandsworth Open Houses
2005 Henmans, Oxford
Brighton Festival
2004 CCA Galleries, Farnham
Brighton Festival
2003 CCA Galleries, London
Brighton Festival
2002 CCA Galleries, Farnham
StFx Gallery, Nova Scotia, Canada
Webbs Gallery, London
2000 Window Gallery, Brighton.
Unicorn Gallery, London.
The Point, London.

New York Art Fair
Royall Fine Art

1999 CCA Galleries, London.

Tidal Wave, Hereford
Parkview, Bristol
CCA Galleries, Farnham

1997 Richmond Hill Gallery.
Alexandra Gallery.
CCA Galleries, London.
1996 CCA Galleries, London.
Europaische Kulturzentrum, Erfurt, Germany.
Tidal Wave Gallery, Hereford.
CCA Galleries, Farnham.
1995 CCA Galleries, Oxford and Bath.
Catto Gallery, London.
1994 CCA Galleries, London, Selfridges, Farnham and Cambridge.
1993 CCA Galleries, London and Bath.
Montpelier Gallery, Cheltenham.
Window Gallery, Brighton.
1992 CCA Galleries, Oxford.
Luxters Fine Art, Henly-on-Thames.
Gallery 9, Celle, Germany.
Amalgam Gallery, Barnes.
1991 Berkley Square Gallery, London.
1990 Courtyard Gallery, Cheltenham.
Amalgam Gallery, Barnes.
1989 CCA Galleries, London.
1988 Window Gallery, Brighton.
1987 Amalgam Gallery, Barnes.
Blackman Harvey Gallery,
Covent Garden.
1986 CCA Galleries, London and Farnham.
1985 Christopher Hull Gallery, London.
On the Wall Gallery, London.
1984 Amalgam Gallery, London.
1983 Christopher Hull Gallery, London.

As well as holding regular exhibitions at her studio, Ilana Richardson has had many solo shows in the UK and abroad.

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