Noontime Shadows, Yaffo

Noontime Shadows, Yaffo



Painting size: 33x47cm Framed 62x75cm


Noontime on a hot day, with vertical strong shadows. This is in Jaffa, (or Yaffo), and ancient town on the Mediterranean, in Israel. A narrow alleyway suddenly revealed this vibrant wild Bougainvillea by a gate. The gate leads to a secret, shady garden.

Ilana Richardson is an internationally known watercolour artist, and top-selling printmaker. She has exhibited in London and internationally for many years. Her extensive travels have infused her evocative paintings with warmth and brightness. Onlookers can feel the heat and are drawn into the light and rich colours.

Please note:

Original paintings, particularly framed ones are best collected from Ilana's studio in Brighton. Otherwise please refer to the shipping information here

Please hang watercolour paintings away from direct sunshine.

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