Ilana Richardson is an internationally known artist, highly skilled in Watercolour, and a top-selling printmaker of Limited Edition Silkscreen and Giclée prints.

Ilana Richardson has had many solo shows in England and abroad and has exhibited and published limited edition silkscreen prints with the CCA galleries in London for many years. Currently Ilana publishes her own work independently. The Art Group and IKEA have published her posters. 

Ilana's work is included in many collections and she has also undertaken a large number of commissions from clients ranging from multinational concerns to private individuals.

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Ilana’s extraordinary ability to re-create the warmth and colour of the far off places she travels to, make her work irresistible to collectors. The onlookers can feel the heat and are drawn into the light dancing on the wonderfully rich colours. She is at her best, depicting the interplay of light and shadows, and favours subjects which contrast lush vegetation with the whitewashed walls of Mediterranean architecture or the vibrant colours of Mexican houses.

"From verdant gardens to formal courtyards, facades and cafes to narrow alleyways or cool bowers dappled with shadows, there is always a great feeling of warmth and light in her work."

Ilana Richardson was born and grew up by the Mediterranean and has studied at Art College in Jerusalem and London. She has been living in England since 1974 and now lives in Brighton. 

Ilana participates in the Artists Open Houses scheme during the Brighton Festival in May. Details will be posted in advance of the event. To receive an invitation please contact Ilana with your details.

Ilana is a member of the Sussex Watercolour Society.


2019  Brighton Festival Open House, Linklater Pavilion Lewes

2018  Brighton Festival Open House, Linklater Pavilion Lewes

2017  Oxmarket Chichester, Brighton Festival Open House
2016  Sussex watercolour Society, Henfield, Brighton Festival Open House
2015  Foundry Gallery Lewes, Brighton Festival Open House
2014  Foundry Gallery Lewes, Brighton Festival Open House
2013  Mall Galleries London, Hop Gallery & Chalk Gallery Lewes, Brighton Festival Open House
2008-2012 Open exhibitions and group shows.
2007: Royall Fine art, Window Gallery, Brighton
2006: Royall Fine art, Wandsworth open House
2005: Henmans, Oxford; Brighton Festival Open House
2004: CCA Galleries, Farnham; Brighton Festival; Royall Fine Art, Tunbridge Wells
2003: CCA Galleries, London; Brighton Festival
2002: CCA Gallery, Farnham; St FX Gallery, Nova Scotia; Webbs Gallery, London
2001: New York Art Fair; Royall Fine Art
2000: Window Gallery; Royall Fine Art, Tunbridge Wells; Unicorn Gallery
1999: CCA Galleries, London
1998: Tidal Wave, Hereford; Parkview, Bristol; CCA Galleries, Farnham
1997: Richmond Hill Gallery; Alexandra Gallery; CCA Galleries, London
1996: CCA Galleries, London; Europaische Kulturzentrum, Erfurt, Germany;Tidal Wave Gallery, Hereford; CCA Galleries, Farnham
1995: CCA Galleries, Oxford and Bath; Catto Gallery, London
1994: CCA Galleries, London, Selfridges, Farnham and Cambridge
1993: CCA Galleries, London and Bath; Montpelier Gallery, Cheltenham Window Gallery, Brighton
1992: CCA Galleries, Oxford; Luxters Fine Art, Henley-on-Thames Gallery 9, Celle, Germany; Amalgam Gallery, London
1991: Berkeley Square Gallery, London
1990: Courtyard Gallery, Cheltenham; Amalgam Gallery, London
1989: CCA Galleries, London
1988: Window Gallery, Brighton
1987: Amalgam Gallery, London; Blackman Harvey, London
1986: CCA Galleries, London and Farnham
1984: CCA Galleries, London
1982: Blackheath Gallery, London


“Every day, without fail, I would stand for 5 minutes or so and just look at the parasol image, being transported into your lovely vibrant painting”

“your watercolours are simply breathtaking. You have a unique gift for capturing the light, colour and mood of your location”

“It is like I am sitting inside your painting feeling the heat and brightness.” 

"Ilana is a fantastic painter, and no one should be without at least one of her paintings. Her site is well organised - her prints bring sunlight to a room and make wonderful presents."

“I have a question about one of your prints. We’ve had it for many years and I have often used the mystery of it to write stories”