Watercolours, in their clarity and transparency fully express Ilana’s passion for colour and light. She uses pure watercolour paints of the best quality, on heavy acid free Watercolour paper. The paintings are built up of many washes and layers, from the palest to darker, fuller tones. The whites are always the white paper, not opaque paint. Please hang original paintings away from direct and bright sunlight.

Very rarely there may be an oil or acrylic painting in the collection.

We update the site regularly with new paintings and may mark sold pictures before removing them from the site. If you would like to see collection in real life, you can arrange a visit to Ilana's studio through the Contact section.

If you'd like a personal dedication, please email Ilana with text and Ilana will contact you with suggestions as to where best to place it. 

View a selection of Ilana's paintings here.