Ari's Room, Limited Edition Giclée Print

Ari's Room, Limited Edition Giclée Print


Image size 45 x 59cm


Ari’s Room is full of memories for me. I stayed with my friend Ari many times over the years, on visits to Jaffa in Israel. The picture shown only part of a vast, elegantly proportioned tall room with marble floors and arches at each end. The two doors at the far side lead to a balcony, with views over Jaffa, with palms and Bougainvillea framing the view.

Ilana Richardson is an internationally known watercolour artist, and top-selling printmaker. She has exhibited in London and internationally for many years. Her extensive travels have infused her evocative paintings with warmth and brightness. Onlookers can feel the heat and are drawn into the light and rich colours.

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